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At Tuas Maju Management

Tuas Maju Management Sdn Bhd is a prominent property management and renovation company, renowned for its excellence in transforming spaces and providing top-notch services in Malaysia. With a rich history of delivering innovative solutions, the company has become a trusted name in the industry. At Tuas Maju Management, our primary focus is on elevating the quality of life for our clients by effectively managing their properties and offering unparalleled renovation services. Our team of experienced professionals combines expertise with a passion for creativity, ensuring every project is executed with precision and attention to detail.

Our Services

Property Maintenance

Regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep of the property to ensure it remains in optimal condition and complies with safety standards.

Tenant Management

Handling tenant inquiries, screening applicants, lease agreements, rent collection, and addressing tenant concerns or disputes.

Legal Compliance

Ensuring the property adheres to local and national regulations, including safety codes and zoning laws.

24/7 Emergency Response

Offering a responsive team to handle urgent maintenance issues or emergencies.

Lease and Contract Management

Drafting and managing lease agreements, renewals, and termination processes.

Property Inspections

Conducting routine inspections to identify any maintenance or safety issues.

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